Letter of Recommendation

We are looking forward to supplying you with a letter of recommendation based on your rotation. In Emergency Medicine, you need at least 3 letters of recommendation and having a letter from an EM attending at residency programs where you rotated is invaluable to your application. Our faculty use the SLOR (standard letter of recommendation) that all residency training programs use. All we need from you is a signed AAMC waiver form which says that you will not be reading the letter (this is standard). Some faculty may ask for a CV and personal statement (good opportunity to get feedback on your personal statement). You are welcome to ask any faculty member for a letter. You should work at least a shift or two with them so they can most effectively judge your abilities. You are welcome to work additional shifts with this faculty member, but don’t switch out of shifts on your already designated schedule. If you prefer, your clerkship director, Dr. Sherman, will write a letter based on the overall sum of your experiences.