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Comprised of physicians, nurses, physician’s assistants, interpreters, and administrative staff from throughout the hospital, the Cook County Athletic Team celebrates the very best of Chicago Amateur Athletics.

Team Membership Requires at Least One of the Following:

1. Greater than 25% over ideal bodyweight
2. Fastest run mile time > 10 minutes per mile
3. Enjoy refreshing alcohol sports drinks!


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The year’s race calendar always begins with the springtime’s Shamrock Shuffle 8K. The summer race calendar fills up quick with charity triathlons, 5K’s, 10K’s, half and full Marathons. Actual participation in events is not required; volunteering at these events is enough to earn the coveted Cook County Athletic Team letters!

The Chicago Lakefront provides the ultimate summer training grounds. While the UIC Sport and Fitness center provides an exceptional winter health club just a block from the hospital. Check it out at