Program Overview

The department of Emergency Medicine at Cook County Hospital is pleased to offer a 12-month postgraduate Physician Assistant Residency Program. This program is one of the few Emergency Medicine PA residencies offered in the Midwest. As a PA resident, you will have the opportunity to specialize in the field of Emergency Medicine while working with physician residents and seasoned clinicians at one of the top medical centers in the country.

Clinical Experience

The Cook County Hospital EM-PA residency curriculum is modeled after the physician residency curriculum.  As a PA resident, you will rotate through core clinical specialties that will help prepare you to manage the most critical and complicated patients.  These rotations will include clinical rotations in trauma, pediatric EM, orthopedics, and toxicology.  Additionally, you will be able to tailor your educational experience towards your own interests by choosing elective rotations in your area of interest. Approximately two-thirds of the rotations are devoted to Emergency Medicine and Pediatric Emergency Medicine, providing you with the extensive experience necessary for successful placement after graduation. You will begin your residency experience in an Introductory Emergency Medicine month that will help you transition into the department, connect you with fellow PA residents and physician residents, equip you with essential knowledge and skills to begin working in the Emergency Department.

Clinical Block Schedule

4 weeks Orientation
20 weeks Cook County Emergency Medicine
4 weeks Trauma
4 weeks Emergency Orthopedics
4 weeks Toxicology
4 weeks Pediatric Emergency Medicine
8 weeks Electives*
4 weeks Vacation

*Elective opportunities include radiology, EM ultrasound, anesthesia, plastic surgery, ophthalmology, oral surgery, dermatology, and ENT

Didactic Experience

Didactic conferences are held each Wednesday for five hours with the Emergency Medicine PA residents and physician residents.  The two groups work together clinically, and also participate in clinical education activities together, including the simulation lab.  All residents are released from clinical duties and allowed this time for their education.  Conferences are focused around monthly topics presented by emergency medicine staff, other Cook County Hospital Health Care specialists and visiting faculty.  Interactive learning between residents and faculty is a key component to the conference experience.  Case-based presentations, simulation lab, small groups, journal club, procedural workshops, and code simulations are examples of learning opportunities that will help engage PA residents in preparation for actual clinical situations in the emergency department.

Application Process

Information on how to apply for the program starting in July 2016 will be available in January, 2016


PA Residency Class of 2014

Candida Halley Joseph Baez
Des Moines University Northwestern University
Zach Lueders Tom Caceres
University of Bridgeport University of Wisconsin

PA Residency Class of 2013

Charles Knudson Ashley Mores
Des Moines University Des Moines University
Pauline Ragauskis Samuel Spencer
Butler University Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

PA Residency Class of 2012

Carrie Kraeger John Paul Magenis
Wake Forest University SUNY Downstate University