Emergency Ultrasound College

The purpose of the Emergency US College is to help residents:

  1. Learn more about Emergency Ultrasound. The history, the science, the future…
  2. Continuously improve bedside Ultrasound Student and Resident education. Help make learning US more fun and effective for everyone.
  3. Actively participate in ongoing Ultrasound research. A great way to complete meaningful writing and research projects during your residency!


Wednesdays and Thursdays are service days for the Emergency US Section of the Department of Emergency Medicine. College members will be welcomed to attend;

  1. Emergency US Rounds in the ED and other hospital departments
  2. QA and Credentialing Image Review
  3. US Rotation Orientations
  4. US Research Meetings
  5. Regional and National US Conferences
  6. Regular section Meetings at Hawkeye’s Academic Center.

Who should join the Emergency Ultrasound College?

Any resident interested in learning more about Emergency Ultrasound. This includes;

  1. Residents planning to pursue an Emergency US Fellowship.
  2. Residents NOT planning to pursue an Emergency US Fellowship.

How do I sign up?

  1. Just send an email to Dr. Bailitz and Ms. Bravo letting us know you’d like to sign up.
  2. We will send you a link to the google calendar of Emergency US College activities to keep you up to date on all Emergency US College activities.
  3. Membership in the Emergency Ultrasound College is open to all EM residents at all levels.

What does this mean at the end of my residency?

  1. Residents interested in pursuing an Emergency US Fellowship will have demonstrated a committment and contribution to Emergency US necessary to obtain a position at a competitive Emergency US Fellowship.
  2. Residents NOT interested in pursuing an Emergency US Fellowship will have received advanced training in Emergency Ultrasound. All efforts will be described in you Emergency US Credentialing letter provided to all new employers at the end of your residency.