Toxicology College

The purpose of the Toxicology College is to help residents:

  1. Develop a foundation in the field of Medical Toxicology
  2. Develop expertise in Emergency Toxicology
  3. Become effective lecturers and teachers in this discipline
  4. Gain experience in a toxicology academic project


Emergency Medicine Residents who enter the Toxicology College will participate in the following activities.

  1. Undergo an orientation session to the Toxicology service
  2. Attend a series of core lectures
  3. Complete a focused curriculum of readings and modules
  4. Will develop one or more talks to deliver on toxicology topics
  5. Identify a scholarly project with a Toxicology faculty mentor

Other optional opportunities:

  1. Attend the North American Congress of Clinical Toxicology Annual meeting
  2. Join the Toxicology program for our:
    1. Research meetings
    2. Education meetings
    3. Journal clubs
    4. Fellow conferences
    5. State of the Art Lectures

Who should joint he Toxicology College?

  1. A resdent who is or may be interested in a Toxicology fellowship, or just developing a core knowledge base in Medical Toxicology
  2. Any resident who would like to add the underpinnings of Toxicology / Pharmacology to their practice of Emergency Medicine, and therefore become a better Emergency Physician

How do I sign up?

  1. Just send an email to Dr. Aks and Ms. Hilda Nino letting us know you’d like to sign up.
  2. We will send you a link to the New Innovations calendar, and will schedule a meeting with you to get you started.

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